I'm Kym and I am the artist, maker & surface pattern designer behind Kilo Papa Studio and I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I've been running my business part-time since 2017, finally making the jump to full-time in Summer 2021. It's gone through a few changes over the years, most notably a change in name. The business used to be called Ellie Oskar - a name I just made up back in 2013 when I wasn't long graduated and wanted an unusual moniker to work behind. (I know, what a fanny) I wanted to start a business making cushions from my degree-show collection of fabric samples - and I thought it would be cool to just make up a name.... how profound.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and an evolving body of work and unsurprisingly, I felt the name of the business just didn't make sense any more. Plus I was tired of having to explain the shit story behind it. I wanted a business name that meant something and that was memorable. Kilo Papa is the phonetic for KP, my initials, Kym Parker. It felt good, so I went with it, simple as that!

And here we are, Ellie who? 


My art has also started to go through a transition of its own, where it was mostly monochromatic and highly stylised it has now become more graphic and full of colour. I still hand draw all of my pieces with fine liner pens (some taking tens of hours to complete, yikes!) But I'm on a journey guys, a journey back to my textile roots and to a world of colour.

I'm greatly inspired by Scotland, its landscape, landmarks and culture alike. I focus on subject matter that nurtures connections between people, place and object. Whether it be humour, fond memories or a reminder of home, I want my art to help tell the individual stories of my audience and their connection to Scotland.

Enter my topographical map era. It's been a natural evolution if you look back at my older work - the map of Scotland being a prime example (and if we are going wayyyy back it actually all kicked off in my 3rd year of uni) Anyway, my Map of Scotland planted the seed of what my art might look like incorporated into land contours. Then one of my best pals got engaged up Ben A'an and a wedding gift was born...and eventually an entire collection and new direction was laid out before me. I honestly haven't looked back, as cheesy as that sounds, I have found my thing and I couldn't be happier. The colourful topographical maps are like my children. I love each one. And I love how much you guys love them too. I can't wait to see where the business goes next and I'm excited to develop new products and ideas!


Thanks for reading this far down! If you have any other questions, you can contact me on my social channels or via email. Check out my contact page




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