I'm Kym Parker and I am a Scottish Artist / Creative / Surface Pattern Designer / Maker, with an eye for detail and a love of colour. I'm from the East Coast of Scotland originally and I'm currently based out of Glasgow. I studied Textile Design at the wonderful School of Textiles (Heriot Watt) in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders and graduated in 2012 with an honours degree in Printed Textiles, specifically surface pattern design for interior textiles. I was very lucky to secure a job straight from university with a small design studio in Manchester, where I would design and hand-draw layouts for interior fabrics and wall coverings. 

I came up with the brand name Ellie Oskar in 2013 whilst I was working in Manchester and I decided that I would make and sell cushions made from my final year collection of fabrics. All designed, screen-printed and digitally printed during my time at uni, each cushion was completely unique and bursting with colour! (I've still got some left which I'd love to re-introduce one day!)

However, as the world beckoned and an urge to travel kicked in, I headed off on a few adventures, living in Canada and travelling around the world. It was on my travels in 2016 that I happened upon a chance to create a piece of doodled, monochrome artwork for a friend and that's how Ellie Oskar started and I've been working under that alias ever since....(which confuses the hell out of everyone!) 

As I explained earlier, I have always had such a love for colour, and I love creating with colour, so a year or so ago I decided to think of ways to start working with it again. I've always loved making things with my hands and after discovering some new and (at the time) relatively uncommon materials, Polymer Clay & Jesmonite, I started to have a play, just as a hobby, to give me my colour fix. I loved it so much I made the decision to give it a bash and maybe try selling some pieces...and that's where Kilo Papa Studio was born. It's still very much in it's early stages and I'm taking it slowly, but I have so many exciting ideas to bring to this brand. 

Just a quick explanation of the name for those not up to speed with the phonetic alphabet - Kym Parker - K P - Kilo Papa. Pretty simple really. I have no past career in the military, I just thought it was kinda cool. Plus nobody thinks that its my name. (Cough, like Ellie.)

I've recently made the decision to blend the two brands and change my business name to Kilo Papa Studio to align with my belief that it just suits me and the brand better and makes more sense! It's a big change, and I will miss Ellie Oskar and always be grateful, but it's time to change it up. You can follow along with all things new and behind the scenes on my instagram here!

I've rambled on quite long enough so I'll let you get back to enjoying what I have to offer

Kym x