How are your drawings created?

Very simply. With good old fashioned pen and paper. Each drawing has been hand drawn by me in the studio. (Usually with the support of Netflix, Disney+, Apple Podcasts, iTunes and my questionable DVD collection!) Because of the amount of detail involved, they take hours and hours of work and each one is a labour of love.

I've been asked a couple of times if I've used a drawing machine such as an old school CNC plotter type thing. I had no idea what they were until someone asked. But nope, no machines, it's all hand drawn!

Is your art Zentangle?

NO!! It most definitely is not Zentangle. My work style has always been highly decorative and detail oriented and the monochome factor is just a new element to my art. So no, definitely not zentangle and it's definitely an insult to me to think so! (...hit a nerve much?🤣)

Do you do Custom work / Commissions?

I do indeed. You can find out all about commissions and custom pieces here

I have sensitive ears. What kinds of studs do you use on your earrings?

All of my earring studs and posts are made of either surgical steel, gold plated stainless steel or Rhodium plated stainless steel. I hope to make the upgrade to Sterling Silver & Gold Fill in the future. 

As an aside, I have highly sensitive ears and wear almost exclusively sterling silver or gold in my ears, however I haven't had any problems with any of these ear posts. Each listing states the post type used also 👍🏼

What is Kilo Papa Studio?

Kilo Papa is a new sister brand I launched in May this year. it's essentially a lifestyle and homewares brand that is centred around the joy of colour! It's something I'd been thinking about doing for a few years and lockdown gave me the push (and time) that I needed. There's lots I'd like to chat about on this and I'm planning on writing a blog post about it, so check back for that! I speak about it in a bit more detail here

What is your actual name?

My name is Kym Parker. My artist alias/business name is Ellie Oskar and is a name I just made up around Great Granparents names. It's confusing. I regret it all the time. And that's about it...🤣