The Studio

So! As they say, this is where the magic happens! (insert winky face) But seriously, this is where it all happens. Right here. In the corner of my livingroom! 

I started off with just one dining table and my drawing board and over the last couple of years it has grown like a Demogorgan (if you don’t watch Stranger Things, soz) and taken up pockets of space in other areas of the flat! Luckily I’m a super tidy organised person and can only cope with “the creative mess” - this is the collateral chaos that ensues when one is deep in the zone - all other mess stresses me out so everything has its own organised place, ish. 

My absolute dream is to one day have one of those fancy big sheds you see at the bottom of peoples gardens that I can utilise as my self contained studio. To have a door that I can lock myself behind or walk away from at the end of a day would just be amazing and the ultimate goal. There would be zones and stations people, zones!! One day. 

So basically this is where I draw, where I work with and make my clay pieces, where my Jesmonite Homewares come to fruition and where I pack all of your lovely orders. The sofa is reserved for knitting and admin, because comfort! I love my cork boards, it felt like a proper creative space when I put them up. It reminds me of my time at my High Mill studio space at uni. We had massive floor to ceiling walls behind our desks that we would pin all of our inspiration to, it was the best. I love visuals of colour and form and pattern, it keeps me inspired and motivated to keep pushing on. 

If I was to give anyone starting out their own little at home studio, my top tip. Organisation. Drawers, people, lots of drawers. Ikea is your best friend. 

Thanks for stopping by for a glimpse into my little creative corner. Here’s hoping I’ll be updating this page soon with a brand new space! You can read more about me as an artist here