An interesting fact about Kilo Papa Studio, is that it was born from 1 commission. A friend was looking for something specific so I offered to draw it for him. Then from there, word of mouth around friends and family helped to grow a small body of original pieces. And that was the start of it really.

I've worked on many commissions over the years across a wide range of subject matter and clients. From the Royal Navy to my very first wall mural.

My diary is currently open and usually remains open until September when I close the diary for a few months to focus on Christmas. 

You can contact me via email - to discuss your idea. if it's something I think I can tackle then we can carry on with a plan! In some instances, the requests I get don't always marry with my style, so I do on the odd occasion have to respectfully decline some commissions. It doesn't happen often though so it's always worth getting in touch



Please be aware that due to the conversation required and lengthy time it takes to complete each piece, commissions can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete depending on my current workload. Therefore if ordering as a gift or for a certain date, this turn around time is best kept in mind.


As is the nature of commissioned pieces, the price will vary for each individual artwork and is entirely dependent on its size, coverage and the time spent creating it. Get in touch and I can give a more specific price once we have discussed the artwork and what you would like in more detail 🙂


Thanks for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you!


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