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Irn Bru Colourful Christmas Card

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Same as the Good Old Classic and firm fave, but with a colourful makeover!

Christmas parties, New Year parties - a hangover will inevitably follow both, and what cures a hangover like nothing else?? Thats right, a cold can of Irn Bru. Now, whilst a Christmas card of Irn Bru won't physically quench your thirst or cure a festive hang, it will most definitely serve as a reminder to stock up on the stuff. 

Everyone likes Irn Bru right?* Ergo this Christmas card is perfect for absolutely bloody anyone!! 

*if you know someone who does not like Irn Bru, I think it's time to phase that weirdo out / why haven't you done this already?  

My original Irn Bru illustration was hand drawn here in Glasgow and is actually a fancy Limited Edition print, oooh suits youuu. Anyway, my Christmas card version is printed onto recycled paper made from 100% post consumer waste! Yass please

  • A6
  • blank inside for your wee messages
  • printed on recycled paper
  • 100% recycled/recyclable product
  • no cello bag when ordered online
  • comes with recycled Kraft envelope
  • Posted Royal Mail

All artwork © of Kym Parker for Kilo Papa Studio