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Irn Bru “I love Bru” Valentines Day Card

Irn Bru “I love Bru” Valentines Day Card

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We've all done it, said the wrong name at the wrong time. Maybe called a current lover by an ex lovers name. Ooft. Never goes down well does it?

Well, this Valentines Day Card is that. For those moments when you are just so over come by your desire for the fizzy sparkly orange nectar of the gods, and it just slips out.

Imagine the scene, you're on a romantic dinner date with your other half, you're feeling all the love and you feel those 3 little words bubbling up inside you. So you steel yourself and prepare yourself for the big moment - la grande declaration!!

THEN - the server brings your drinks to your table, you're doing dry January (because you're a soft cock) so you've ordered an Irn Bru. As they place it down next to the frosted ice-filled glass, your attentions wane, and you realise something is happening. They're picking up the can, they're pulling the wee metal bitty (what's that called?) and whoosh, the can is open. The unmistakable sound of fizzy juice being introduced into the atmosphere. You catch a whiff, and then, they start to pour. It cascades down, over the ice - a waterfall of perfection, neon in all its glory. Popping and fizzing and filling the glass.

Meanwhile your other half sits expectantly across from you, ready to hear those 3 little words. You look up at them, but the bru, it puts out one final flurry of pop and fizz. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, you can't control yourself, you can't stop it, the words are out of your mouth before you can stop them. "I love Bru"

The End. Happy Valentines Day 

Romance novels, coming soon!

Each card design is created from original pen & ink drawings

  • A6
  • blank inside
  • 100%recyclable product & packaging, yaldi!!
  • printed on recycled paper
  • comes with recycled Kraft envelope
  • no cello bag

Please allow 1-2 days for processing, Shipped with Royal Mail

All artwork © of Kym Parker for Kilo Papa Studio

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