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Turtle "I Turtley Love You" Valentines Day Card

Turtle "I Turtley Love You" Valentines Day Card

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And who doesn't turtley love turtles! Boom, another valentines pun. 

I'm really knocking them out of the park. 

Talking of turtles, and grass (park). There was this one time when I was in Athens - that's in Greece incase you are royally shit at geography. (I gen up knew a girl who thought Africa was Germany so...)

Anyway, this one time, in Athens, I was just walking through a grassy patch at this ancient ruin and all of a sudden, a tortoise crossed my path!! It just strolled past me, incredibly slowly obviously but I was so excited, I love friendly reptiles. And I know this isn't exactly about Turtles, but they're a relation and it's all I've got... So it trots by and i'm delighted. Then a mere 2 seconds later - ANOTHER TORTOISE.

Turns out there were loads of them just roaming the ruins. It was great. And the novelty didn't wear off, with each one I saw I was equally happy! - I used to have this kind of reaction every time I saw a squirrel out the back of the flat. I'd shout SQUIRREL like that dog off Up. Unfortunately, this excitement came to an abrupt end the day one tried to enter the premises. That's not a weird beastie innuendo - a squirrel genuinely tried to enter our flat, via an open window. It was a step too far and needless to say, despite still finding them cute, the relationship has never recovered.

I've kind of gone off on a tangent about squirrels when I'm supposed to be talking about how I turtley love turtles and tortoises haven't I?. That was pretty much the end of the tortoise story anyway so.. 

Oh yeah, I snorkelled with a sea turtle in the Great Barrier Reef once, and guess what, I TURTLEY LOVED IT!! There ya go, thats a nice wee anecdote isn't it? Forgot about that. 

Ok bye.


Each card design is created from original pen & ink drawings

  • A6
  • blank inside
  • 100%recyclable product & packaging, woohooo!
  • printed on recycled paper
  • comes with recycled Kraft envelope
  • no cello bag

Please allow 1-2 days for processing, Shipped with Royal Mail

All artwork © of Kym Parker for Kilo Papa Studio

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